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100% traceability
for medical devices

Unique in the world

SNAP&GO is an exclusive product developed by our partner IDENTI, a leading-edge technology dedicated to healthcare professionals.

This system allows the recording of 100% of the products used in an operation

It combines the following elements :

  • An RFID reader to trace products with an RFID tag,

  • An HD camera to take a picture of the medical devices,

  • An OCR image recognition software,

  • An AI algorythm linkedwith a database of over 70.000 SKU.

Automated traceability

Snap&Go brings major benefits for nursing staff and for the logistical and financial management of healthcare products within the hospital.

This solution enables :

  • Regulatory compliance and traceability at operation level

  • Scanning of data sheets with automatic recording of MDs used

  • Time saving on logistical tasks for nursing staff

  • Improved MD inventory management


57 avenue de Bretagne
76000 Rouen

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