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Solution for making quick inventory

LogiCount is a very user-friendly solution for conducting quick inventories and reducing stock levels in operating rooms.

A technological solution

The LOGICOUNT system is a combination of several technologies:

- A Mobile RFID reader with a reading range of 6 meters and capable of reading up to 900 tags per second.
- A PDA with Bluetooth connectivity
- The Identi Mobile application connected to the Identiplatform web platform via the hospital's WiFi network


Simplicity and speed

The system is very intuitive with a very user-friendly application.

Our solution enables the management of inventories in multiple differentiated storage areas across various operating rooms. Each product equipped with an RFID tag is scanned by the mobile reader and listed in the inventory of the pre-selected area.

LOGICOUNT also features a tag search module to locate a product within the stock.

Use case: Croix-Rousse Hospital (HCL)

LOGICOUNT was implemented in 2021 at Croix-Rousse Hospital in Lyon, in the Interventional Cardiology department.

Mrs Henry-Livrozet and her pharmacy team tagged their inventory of Medical Devices and Supplies (DMS) that they wanted to optimize, for a total of nearly 2.000 products.

Results after 8 months of use:


8 months


Return on investment




in volume




in value


Stock reduction



Reduction of expired items


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