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Promedeo has deployed its digital platform for the "last mile" vaccine distribution in Cameroon to track the distribution of all vaccination campaigns across the entire national territory.

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In partnership with the UPS Foundation, we have provided the platform to 2,500 healthcare workers from the Expanded Program on Immunization.

The application has been deployed at all levels of the vaccine distribution network:

  • 1 central stock in Yaoundé,

  • 10 regional stocks,

  • 200 health districts,

  • Over 2,300 vaccination centers.

More than 2,500 users have been trained to manage vaccine traceability nationwide.

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The use of the application has facilitated the distribution of over 2 million doses of Covid vaccines and the launch the malaria vaccination campaign malaria with an initial allocation of 300,000 doses. Furthermore, all 15 other vaccines funded by GAVI are now managed with the application.

We have developed an offline mode on mobile to ensure the continuity of product traceability in areas with low network coverage, in order to reach the maximum number of zero-dose children (children who have not received any routine vaccines).

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