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The Covid crisis has profoundly impacted hospital organizations. The aavailability vaccines early 2021 required the implementation of new organizations for Hospital pharmacies to ensure the opening and operating of vaccination centers across the national territory.

Hospital pharmacies (PUIs) were required to manage vaccine stocks and distribution to all vaccination centers.

In less than 2 months, Promedeo developed a digital platform to connect central hospitals with vaccination centers, facilitate vaccine replenishment for vaccination centers, and streamline pick and pack activities in the PUI.

It is a web application available to all users involved in vaccine logistics: the Regional Health Agency (ARS), which supervises activity for the region, the PUI of the central hospital, which receives orders from vaccination centers, and the vaccination centers themselves, which send replenishment orders to the hospital and manage their own vaccine stocks. General Practitionners can also place orders directly to vaccination centers.

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Our digital platform was used by 14 central hospitals for the Covid vaccination campaign and for the monkeypox vaccination campaign.

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We are planning to expand the use of the platform to other sensitive healthcare products with atypical distribution configurations.

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