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Web-App for sensitive health products

In the context of COVID-19 vaccination, we have developed a web application to manage the logistical tracking of vaccines between central hospitals and vaccination centers.

Vaccines last mile delivery made easy

The application manages the flow of vaccines between hospitals and vaccination centers.

Our solution offers various features to help hospital pharmacists and healthcare workers, ensuring the availability and integrity of the vaccines:

  • Visibility of vaccine stock

  • Replenishment requests from vaccination centers

  • Creation/printing of thetransportation documentation (delivery note, labels for containers, labels for vials)

  • Consumption reporting

  • Logistic tracking of batches

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Simplicity and autonomy

This web application, highly intuitive, allows the tracking of sensitive medications such as vaccines or sensitive cold chain products.

It enables the collection of stock data on a secure web platform:

  • Independent of the hospital's IT infrastructure.

  • Can be easily interfaced.

  • No patient data.

  • Simple and intuitive ergonomics.

  • Minimum manual data entry.

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